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Find out more about the FCRA here. Zabasearch Premium Members get more search results faster than ever before. Plus, it's free if you're logged in. Connecting to Zabasearch Premium People Search.

What is a Reverse Search?

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What can we help you find?

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What is the FCRA? Use this to find information about a phone number, including the name of the person who owns the phone number and the associated address. Proximity search allows you to find people listed around a reference point you provide. Enter the name and fill in the street, city and province or landmark, or postal code and click Find.

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The Area Code page allows you to select a Canadian area code to see a list of cities for this code. The Popular name directory page allows you to find a popular Last Name in a Canadian location. You can also browse all the listings by letters using the A-Z hyperlinks. Launch your search using the Find button.

You will be redirect at the bottom of the search results page, to discover the list of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts associated to your search. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Your listing will be removed from Canada Start by searching a name, phone number, address or email, and see what interesting and useful information you can find. Your privacy and search history are important to us. Learn more about our commitment to privacy.

Run background checks to access credible data quickly and easily. Search now to find compelling data, such as social profiles and photos , properties and assets , bankruptcy information and more!

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Use this people lookup tool to find family members, friends, acquaintances, dates, and more. Uncover information using our public records search tool.

How do you find a person's name by their cell phone number?

You may find property records, addresses, phone numbers, and more. Search who called or texted you with the reverse phone lookup tool. Get the owner's name, address, email and more. Search who owns a property with our reverse address lookup tool.

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Get home values, deed history and much more. Use our email lookup tool to search the identity of the owner of the email and additional contact information.