Common law marriage in florida


  1. Common law marriage rights in Florida
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Unlike some local lawyers, we offer reasonable probate administration fees , which are often lower than the standard fee rate in the state. Schedule a free probate administration consultation today.

Common law marriage rights in Florida

You and your staff made this very easy, and my siblings and I are very appreciative. Proudly assisting clients throughout the state with their probate administration needs since Florida Probate Laws and Common Law Marriage Probate laws in Florida allow a title to pass automatically to a spouse with rare exceptions if the other spouse dies. If you have been living together with a significant other for a period of years, you may wonder if you have a common law marriage in Florida. A "common law marriage" is one in which the parties may hold themselves out as a husband and wife, and under certain circumstances, be deemed married without a marriage license or ceremony.

If you live in Florida and have a significant other, remember that unless you have specific legal documents stating your intentions, your boyfriend or girlfriend will have no legal rights over health or financial issues.

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  • Common Law Marriage!

You may want to ensure you have proper documents if you wish that person to have a say in your financial or health matters. You can update or completely rewrite the agreement any time you see fit.

Common Law Marriage in Florida

Both you and your partner should sign and date the agreement. You will need last will and testament if you'd like your property, or assets distributed according to your wishes.

West Palm Beach Common Law Marriage Lawyer

Like marriage, a joint account is still a risk. Each person has the right to spend all the money.

Both partners are responsible for all activity involving the account. This can cause big problems if one of you is a habitual over spender. Record keeping can pose another problem with joint accounts. This may cause you to do more work; however, it will come in handy if one day you both decide to separate.