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That is it keeps track of you phone numbers and dates. The bells and whistles are a little old fashion but can come in handy, calculator, afew games to prove that you are really board. I had bought a similiar model, it did not work. I kept it anyway in case I need spare parts.

Nokia unforgettable memory - ALL Nokia Mobils 1994 to 2018

Classic Phone Great features for the time. Excellent battery Life. Gets great siginal. Nokia use to make phones like this they don't anymore. If only phones were durable as they tbey use to be. This Phone Rocks! If you want a simple to use phone that will last you several years, get calls out where nobody else even has a signal and take a beating and keep working, this is the phone for you. Fair Warning- People will make fun of you for having a phone like this, but so be it.

Those of us who use it give each other a knowingly nod when we meet each other.

Parts and accessories for the Nokia 6210

Best Phone Ever!!!! This Nokia is what I consider a work horse. It may not be the prettiest and newest on the market, but it works like a peach.

It is clear and once charged it provides a decent amount of talk time. When no one around me get's a signal, my Nokia i would get 2 and sometimes even 3 bars. My husbands fancy and expensive Motorolla never worked as well as this Nokia! If you are looking for a phone that will allow you to talk just about anywhere, and that will provide you with very few to no missed calls, then this is the one! Skip to main content. Nokia i - Blue Alltel Cellular Phone 18 product ratings 4. About this product. About this product Product Identifiers Brand.

Additional Product Features Battery Type. Show More Show Less. More items related to this product.

Verizon Branded Nokia 6256i Full BlueTooth + Mac X!

You may also like. Fingerprint Reader. Adjustable Text Size. Hearing Aid Compatible. Multiple Languages.

Microsoft Nokia 1000 Series

Extra Display. Ringer Profiles.

Infrared IR. Mobile Hotspot. Picture ID. Ringer ID. Voice Dialing. Changeable Body Plates. Custom Graphics. Custom Ringtones.

Cell free lg phone ringtone information site

Real-Music Ringers. Data Tethering. External Antenna Jack. Flight Mode. Nokia WAP 2. Predictive Text Entry. Technology: T9. Side Keys. Text Keyboard, Hardware. Touch Screen. Hard Drive. Memory Card Slot. Card Type: MMC. Email Client.

Instant Messaging. Text Messaging SMS.

Text Messaging Templates. FM Radio. FM Transmitter. Headphone Jack 3.